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Why text on the net?
A creative imagination is still essential for enjoyment. "Virtual" reality, desktop metaphors, neat networked games, and all the advances in creativity and expressive power over the last 15 years still require you to suspend some belief, they still require you to add the missing piece of the picture. Whether you're fighting space aliens in an arcade-style game, or tracking down a treasure in Myst, your imagination is still providing the missing pieces that the programmers and designers rely on to make their creations real to you.
What is still the best way to exercise an imagination? Read. Fiction, fact, and poetry all give you the chance to build something completely within yourself, a work sketched by the author but made real in your mind.Though Ravenware concentrates on software, we rejoice in and want to share our writing. Maybe you would like to also, see our Submissions page.


Some thoughts by Alex

Space as the next evolutionary stop. Ecologic disaster looms at every turn. Or does it?

Ease of First Open-Water Dive

Thinking about SCUBA diving?
Thinking about trying something new? Thinking you're too set in your ways to change? If any of those are true, read Ease of First Open-Water Dive one person's first dive experience in the chilly waters of Monterey California.

Blue Corner.

Past your first dive?
Enjoy dreaming about the South Pacific with this tale of a wonderful dive at Palau's famed Blue Corner.

Origins of El Nino

What does "El Nino" really mean, anyway?
With the world weather patterns changing, we thought it would be appropriate to review the origins of El Nino, and see how this phrase has become a part of our lives.

Tales from the Edge

Snowboarding is cool! Or painful, over 25.
But is it still cool when you're not 18 and can't carve a mountain like an Olympic Boarder? One man thinks so, read his adventures on the slopes in Tales from the Edge

being a beta tester

Brad Burton provides his experiences and insights on being a beta tester for hot new products. Spend some time with an expert tester, and see how you may be able to participate in the most fun a user can have, getting the hot goods early!

Riding in the Lane with Diamonds

C.K. shares ideas, tips, and techniques on not getting killed motorcyling in the diamond lane during commute times. Read, and send us your own tips!

C.K.'s Talking Tips

C.K. famous public speaking tips! Helpful advice to get the fear out of speaking.

C.K.'s Interviewing Tips

C.K. Tips on interviewing, from someone who's interviewed hundreds.


Alex invents a new word, and wants you to play along.


Dejah thinks and shares

Paying Your way on the Web

C.K. talks about our resposibility for the community we're creating with technology.

Similar skills, what does it mean?

C.K. has noticed that riding a bike and flying a plane use very similar skills, more similar than other modes of transit. Meaningless? Probably.

C.K. Builds things

C.K. is building various things (mostly electronics) and sharing the process on YouTube, here's a list





Road Rage Karma

by Karen Ann Meyer
A cautionary tale of life, your choices, and the balance of the Universe.

The World as we don't know it

by Karen Ann Meyer
A future story, something we might want to do.


by C.K. Haun
Doing the right thing can hurt. A short science fiction story.


The Al Liebson Collection!

The voice of the gap, the minstral of the Hippie to Me generations.

Carolyn Hastings

Three short poems

Working the pregnancy knot

One someone sent me.

Dawn Trapp

Dawn poses questions




People are starting to send me art. So here it is

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