What if All the Women…

Who have been thrown
through doors
and had their ribs kicked in
while lying in a pile
of broken glass
in their own front yards
came together in
the woods, next to a
and cried
What if they cried
until they couldn’t
any longer and
they finally after years
and years
felt whole
healed and free
What if they just
simply listened to
each other’s stories and
felt the pain of others,
and not just their own
Would they cry more
or would they cry less
or would anything happen at all
What if their children
were with them
the children who
witnessed, the children who
and remember
and who hold on to their
mother’s skirts-
who remember
being sandwiched between the mattress
and box springs

but don’t remember
what came next
Will they come
to the woods or the
stream now, or will
they come later
when they understand
more, when their
little bodies and
mind can process
the horror and pain
that for now
must settle in
their cells
and do God only knows
would happen
to all of us if
we just listened-
closed our eyes
and listened-
would we hear ourselves
in these stories, could
we bear hearing these
stories at all
Could we simply bear witness
which is all the women
and children ask
in the first place

Dawn Trapp 9/16/2012