By Alex Kiinson. Aug 19, 2004

You, dear reader, are an Asspotato.

Yes you are. Can't you sense it? Asspotato, asspotato, asspotato.


Now that you know you are one, pass it along. Identify other Asspotatoes in your life, and let them know you care.

Strong word, Asspotato. Solid start with the sybliant ass, then very plosive pota-toe.

No, of course it doesn't mean anything, silly, but we can make it mean something. Sure sounds like it means something insulting, so just start using it that way.

Call your jerk roommate an Asspotato. Call your boss an asspotato.

When I see someone call someone an Asspotato! on Slashdot, my work will be done.

You were here to see it start.


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