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PeekIt File snooping and editing, new Documentation page Universal Application



Finally! ScratchPadd has been moved to Modern OS X wonderfulness! And has it's own page now, go enjoy.

RW Consolidator

A tool for taking a bunch of files and putting all their contents in one file! No, seriously, can be handy.

Test File Manager

A new tool for creating and manipulating files during applicaiton development and test.. Docs

Machine Essays A tool for letting your machine speak for itself. Weird.
Words Inna File A useless but interesting utility for detecting all the unique words in a file. Look at them, export them, marvel at them. Might be useful to you.

Slider New Slider 1.1.1 Universal!

Slider is a puzzle game, you must guide sliding key blocks to the right goal squares. When you have, you can move to the next room. Sounds simple? Well, getting key blocks around walls, reflecting blocks, bomb blocks, and other hazards makes it harder than you might think! And the clock is running, the faster you play the higher your score. 50 puzzling levels, and a built-in editor to allow you to create more levels to challenge you or your friends. FREE!!!!

Old Versions
If you have a PowerPC Macintosh with Mac OS 7 through 9, get this version
If you have an older, 68K Macintosh, download this older version of Slider
If you have an even older, Black and white fat Mac or Mac Plus, dude, get a new computer

Midi Companion

For Mac OS 9 and earlier K2500 Companion.

Your connection between your Macintosh and your Kurzweil K2500/K2600!

Read about it in the documentation on-line here.


Gary Coleman Celeb Makeover

Don't download this. It's stupid, and not my fault, blame David Holifield. Not worth the bits it's packed in. Mac OS X

Dropper for Mac OS X

Dropper for Mac OS 7-9

Cubes drop from the top of the window, and your goal is to stack and line them up. Line them up vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. When you line up the correct amount (4,5 or 6, depending on the level you are on) the cubes vanish and your score increases. A drop can result in two or more lines vanishing at once, you'll get a bonus if you can do that. Good for young children.
FindIt! A Mac OS X Universal App A brain-dead simple find application to just find files and folders by name. Because I'm too stupid and can't figure out Spotlight or other fancy find tools.
Words Masked A Mac OS X App An experiment in obscurity. A simple, but I believe effective, text code pad.

Mac OS 9 and prior May never make it to Mac OS X
Piston Piston is a combination arcade-thinking game, it takes fast reflexes as well as planning and calculation. The Story; You and your friends live in vast underground cities, connected to each other by tunnels. For years your lives have been uncomplicated, and you prospered and advanced. But now, a peril threatens your whole society. Those living above ground have become jealous of your success, and want to end your prosperity. They are not strong enough to attack your undergound cities yet, but they have a plan to weaken you. They plan to cut off the commerce between your cities. Mounting huge hydraulic pistons above your underground highways, they force the pistons down and close your roads. You must stop them, if they cut off your travel, then they can attack each city seperately and defeat you.
Flipper Your goal is to make all the rectangles in a grid the same, either the same pattern in black and white, or the same color on color machines. You change colors or patterns by clicking in the rectangle. Sound easy? Well, it's a little more challenging than that. First, Flipper just won't leave things alone. At some random time Flipper will flip boxes from the current color to the next color, messing up all your planning. Second, it gets tougher as you go. There will be more spaces in the grid, and more colors or patterns in the sequence (up to 30 colors). Third, the time that Flipper waits before changing colors also gets shorter as levels increase. And fourth, you only have 300 seconds (5 minutes) to complete each level. FREE!!!! Mac OS 9 and earlier
Snake A simple snake game, feed the snake and it gets longer, but don't let it run into itself! Includes an advanced feature where the playfeild gets complicated!
ScratchPadd PowerPC only

ScratchPadd for 68K. Last 68K version ever.

ScratchPadd is a general utility program to keep you organized. ScratchPadd helps you organize your ideas and work in Padds of virtual pages, all sortable, searchable, printable. But ScratchPadd is not just a better than the best organizer! Other features include Advanced communication, allows you to exchange text and files with other on your network (faster that FileShare), File Searching Integrated screen saverBuilt-in QuickerMount, allows you to store your password once, and mount servers passwordlessly (easier than Powertalk!) Process manager, monitor and control other applications And much more,

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