About Ravenware Industries LLC

We want to satisfy needs of those who used their computers for real purposes, with tools and fun things that meet day to day activities. Not flashy, just useful. RavenWare produces productivity applications, games, utilities, and application development tools for Mac OS X.

We also offer marketing services, and hi tech manufacturing consulting from proven performers.

Ravenware Music produces unique audio soundscapes, paintings for your ears. We also can provide low-cost solutions in soundtracks for independent filmmakers and commercials.

Ravenware Home LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ravenware Industries, and provides home remodeling, repair, and light construction.

RavenWare Industries, LLC was founded in 1976, and is currently incorporated in Boise, Idaho, with offices in Boise, San Jose, California and Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico.

Ravenware's stand on issues Badges, Honours, and Awards

About the Ravenware Team

These are the people that hang around most of the time and use the Ravenware mail address. Other walk-ons and friends appear as needed.

C.K. Haun Chief Implementor C.K., as well as being the boss and holder of the bank account, is the primary implementor for Ravenware Industries. He is the main programmer and musician, does most of the gruntwork involved in getting projects out the door. C.K. is also an Instrument rated pilot. ck@ravenware.com

Karen A. Meyer, The Boss Lady

Karen runs Ravenware Home, LLC . Read her fiction here.

Alex Kinnison, Tantalizing Technical Writing
Alex writes. He writes manuals. He writes help text. He writes articles. He writes web pages (hey, maybe he's writing *this*). He writes inflammatory Usenet postings. Pretty much if it's written word stuff, Alex is doing it. ALX@ravenware.com  
Dejah Tallen Ideas Are Us  
Dejah thinks Deep Thoughts and shares them with us. We go off and work for months and show her. Then she tells us "No, goddamn it, that's not what I meant at all". Dejah is the creative side of Ravenware, most of the ideas for products come from her, as well as a great deal of the artwork. Princess@ravenware.com




That's us. We're a little more multifunctional that listed, we can all write some code, play some music, and occasionally one of us other than Dejah has a good idea ("unlikely" is her response to that. Creative, huh?).

And before you ask, no, we don't need any help. We can barely eat with the income we have now, we sure can't afford any more mouths to feed.

We will look at submissions for poetry, non-fiction, and fiction writing. Please read our Submission Guildelines, and before you even ask no we can't pay for anything ever!

Besides written word materials, please do not send us anything that we didn't ask for. If you send us a shareware game to consider, for example, we will never ever ever write to you or tell you what we thought of it, in fact, we might steal the idea.

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