Ravenware is staunchly Anarchist in our political philosophy.

All current govermental forms are based on the precept that the ultimate authority the goverment exercises on it's people is the authority to imprison and/or kill members of the govered body to maintain the government without the governeds ability to respond by removing the government in the same fashion. The unequal opportunities between government and governed are the fatal flaw in any political system besides an Anarchistic one expressed to date.

We flatly reject this methodology. It is insane to place ones life and liberty at risk based on differing opinions of the govering body. There is no way out.

Please note: This does not mean bomb-throwing riots. That is nihilism, not anarchy. That is (in our interpretation of Anarchy) absurd. Part of the goal of an anarchistic society is to remove the targets of bombs by eliminating the concentration of power in governments, religions, cultic leaders. If every individual has the right to govern and be responsible for him or her self, then there is nothing to attack. This does not defacto eliminate violence, nor does it invalidate violence as a reasonable response to certain situations. Removing the institutionalizing of viloence is the goal.

A good start for you as an individual is to connect with your accountability to yourself, and your respect for the freedom of others. The Strikers Oath is a good way to start.

Community replaces government. Community without boundries, barriers, or brainding. This particular country is closest we've come so far, so here's this for you; if you don't have Quicktime, go get it

We are Americans, and our personal political beliefs compell us to support (not without intellegent dissent at times) America, or leave it. We choose to stay. Two of the founding members of Ravenware proudly served 10 years each in the service of the USA in the military.

What would an Anarchist do?

Thought and philosophy General Semantics

Ravenware believes that the clearest methodology for approaching philosophy and providing a discipline for critical thinking is General Semantics. The structure that Alfred Korzybski created has helped us (and many others) immeasurably, and we encourage you to explore it's tenents.

Theme Music

We make a lot of music here at Ravenware. Dance, trance, ambient, psuedo jazz, weird, and anything else that might tickle our fancy (note: You can tickle our fancy for US. $.25).

Out of all of it, I wanted to post one that really encapsulates what we are and what we do, in all the areas we touch. This one does it best. You might understand from listening, or not.

Will There Be...?


Yeah, right. The concept of God is silly. The concept of Evolution is sillier. The concept of Dolphin Spirit Guides speaking thorough crystals is hyper-silly.

Call back not when you have proof of God, but when you have found a reason for his/her being. Evolutionists, call back when you can explain human evolution with every step filled in, not handwaving every few million years to avoid inconsistencies and missing pieces. Until then you're both just guessing and presenting guesses as facts.


We,as members of the group Citizens of the United States, have not been presented with evidence that the attack on Iraq was in our best interests (either politically or economically), nor have we seen evidence or a long-term structure that indicates that we should continue our occupation of that country.


Baseball. No question.

Computer Platform

Apple platforms, currently Macintosh.

Look, the marketing slogans might be just that, marketing hype, but they have had the weird effect over the last 25 years of attracting people to the company who actually beleive the slogans and build hardware and software that reflects those ideas.


Bass on tap, Negra Modelo in bottles. Though Dejah drinks wine, and no I will not go through the droning, intricate, and ultimately stutifyingly boring preferences she has. Databases of wine, forsooth.