Ravenware Believes that the future of Mankind is in space. What we do, from software to writing to music to exploring other environments through SCUBA is all in preparation for moving beyond the world we have called Home for millions of years. This page will grow.

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Huntsville L5 Society

Other Planets 11.13.1999

So now we've seen it. We've seen a planet pass in front of another sun. Reaction?

C.K.: So? Trivial and meaningless. Unless we have evidence that there is a reason to care about that planet, no-one will notice and it will remain a astronomic footnote. We need to care about here, Earth orbit, and the Moon. Nothing outside our solar system matters until we own all the solar system.

Dejah: A planet, and life. Though I cannot see life on the TV screen, though the warmth of other souls does not reach through the telescope, I know it's there. Another home means other members of our family, other loves. There are not planets without reason.

Alex: Pretty neat. I think, personally, that this is exactly the kind of thing that can get Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere off their wallets and paying for space. Dejah's right in their minds, but for different reasons. Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere will see a planet and think "niggers!" "honkeys!""Dinges!""Commies!""Russians!"" or whatever their fear aims them, and will want to kill 'em before they take our jobs/fields/religions.

Screw 'em and use 'em. If fear gets them to pay an additional 1 000 000 per year for Space I'm happy.



Well, we're still not sure. NASA tried it's darnedest, but crashing the probe into the pole didn't actually reveal anything new. Still hope.

Everyone who understands how iportant that is, raise your hand.....Not enough hands!

It has been confirmed (without an actual landing yet, of course) that there are thousands of tons of water at the lunar poles.

This is perhaps the single most important discovery in the history of man in space.

What is the largest barrier to further space exploration? The critical parts of our progress must be dragged, at high cost, up from Earth to space. Water on the Moon fixes this, and fixes it completely!

What is water? Water is the basis for everything we need to be in Space. As is, it extends humans ability to stay in space. Foodstuffs can be compressed, supplements can be carried for little mass, but water bulks. On the moon it's free.

Fuel. What powers the Shuttle going into orbit. Hydrogen and O2 (well, with a little booster help). 14 days of free, unobstructed sunlight a month will allow us to electrolosys water into fuel.

What happens when we have fuel? Everything. We can more cheaply travel around the solar system. We can have power (high caloric power) to process extra-terrestral material into useful minerals.

I won't go on. Water. A dream, and it's true.

Here are some ideas from our founders.

C.K. Haun

As one of Heinlein's characters expressed "We don't want to have all our eggs in one basket". I'm scared of being trapped. I'm scared of the terrorist sitting in his basement carressing a nuclear device he bought from a bankrupt Soviet Union, who in one instant of insanity or devotion could end everything we've attained.

Our place is in Space. What's the best way to express ourselves? To tear down forests and mountains, or to create, from the scraps of asteroid and the free glow of the Sun an environment that is totally tailored for Humans and does not hurt, impact, affect, damage the complex environment on this planet. Our destiny is to create our own worlds, and to cherish and leave untouched the world that shaped us.

Dejah Tallen

Dreams have to have a rich field to grow in. Boundries hurt our spirits, fences chill our souls. Look up! Look at the view of Earth from the Moon, and feel your heart glow, from the love of our home. But every child reaches the point where Home is the place one came from, and growth is the place one is going to. Our souls yearn for more than our beautiful planet. Many people believe that they can transend through religion and mysticism, and perhaps we can. But we know that we can grow outward by taking advantage of the skills our hands have created. Let's reach out and grow.

Alex Kinnison

I'm scared of complacency. We have the knowledge today to end hunger for almost all the people of the Earth, and we're not doing it. Those who have are trapped by not wanting to give up comfort, while those who have not do not have anywhere to turn. Lets give us all a new frontier, a new adventure for those who want to make a change.



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